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Michelle LIVE!

Michelle loves to hear from her readers. If you want to ask her a question, send her a video or artwork, or just tell how you’re enjoying her books, this is where to do it.

Your question, comment or contribution will be used in a forthcoming Michelle Live event (about once a month), so do watch out for the next one on Facebook or YouTube. And here too, of course.  Your full name will not be revealed, and we never disclose your email address.

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    Michelle LIVE! Xmas Edition

    It’s a very special, and very fabulous, end-of-year show from Michelle… who would like to introduce you to two readers who found true romance through Wolf Brother! Plus answers to tons of questions, and… a vampire!

    Michelle LIVE! Writing About The Natural World

    This month Michelle gives some tips concerning writing about nature… and – of course! – all your questions answered.
    Next month’s show – the last of 2017 – happens a bit earlier, on Monday 11th December… so get your questions in now! And join us on Facebook to be part of the live event!

    Michelle LIVE! Writing About Ancient Times

    This month’s show looks at ways you can bring the past to life… plus the very best of Michelle’s social media… and – of course! – all your questions answered.
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