In Spirit Walker, a horrible sickness attacks the Clans, and Torak has to find the cure.  His search takes him across the Sea to the islands of the Seal Clan, where he encounters demons and killer whales, and gets closer to uncovering the truth behind his father’s death, as well as learning of his own undreamed-of powers.

Michelle's Notes

"I wrote the whole book without having a clue as to how to start it. I knew that at the outset, Torak would meet a man suffering from the sickness which would ravage the clans - but for the life of me, I couldn't get into those crucial first pages. So I skipped the beginning and wrote the rest of the book. The deadline for giving the manuscript to my editor came and went, and still nothing... Then one night, about two weeks before the absolute last final extended deadline, I went to my weekly yoga class at the church hall. During the relaxation bit at the end, when I was lying on the floor, the answer floated into my mind: an auroch and her calf. Torak sees them at the river, then along comes the sick man, who crazily starts attacking the auroch, and... Problem solved. Thank you, yoga."

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