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Michelle LIVE!

Michelle loves to hear from her readers. If you want to ask her a question, send her a video or artwork, or just tell how you’re enjoying her books, this is where to do it.

Your question, comment or contribution will be used in a forthcoming Michelle LIVE event (about once a month), so do watch out for the next one on Facebook .

If you’d like to appear live with Michelle on the show, let us know here.  All you need is a good internet connection and a computer / tablet / phone with a camera.  Tell us you’d like to appear live, and we’ll be in touch to make arrangements.  Shows are broadcast on Mondays at 6pm UK time.

Your full name will not be revealed, and we never disclose your email address.

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    A Big Announcement on Michelle LIVE!

    Our usual round-up of news from Michelle together with questions (and answers!) from Bill, Bella, Finn, Zia, Sebastian, Ben, Mary, Guillaume, Michael, Amber and Emilia… and a big announcement!  Ask Michelle a question yourself – use the form on this page, and she’ll answer it next month!

    Michelle LIVE June Edition

    Many apologies… there was no Michelle LIVE last month… life got in the way 🙁  However, we’re back with a bumper edition now, hope you enjoy!

    Michelle LIVE Easter Edition

    What goes into publishing a book and how does a manuscript get published?  What is Michelle’s favourite book in the WOLF BROTHER series?  And… we hear from a reader who’s read “Outcast” sixty-four times!  Plus fashion tips from the Stone Age, Michelle’s book and film recommendations and (lots!) of your tweets!

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