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Michelle loves to hear from her readers. If you want to ask her a question, send her a video or artwork, or just tell how you’re enjoying her books, this is where to do it.

Your question, comment or contribution will be used in a forthcoming Michelle Live event (about once a month), so do watch out for the next one on Facebook or YouTube. And here too, of course.  Your full name will not be revealed, and we never disclose your email address.

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    Michelle LIVE - June 2017

    Michelle’s live event for June 2017… topics include will there be any more books featuring Torak, Renn, Fin-Keddin, Wolf and everyone else? What happened to Ohlsen, the radio operator at the meteorological station on Bear Island in Dark Matter? And tons more!

    Michelle LIVE! Latest Q&A

    Michelle LIVE! Answers to all your questions...

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