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Join us as we broadcast live on Michelle’s YouTube Channel and her Twitch.TV channel and chat with her and other readers as she records each edition of Michelle LIVE! We’ll pick the best posts and show them on screen as they happen.  For longer questions or comments, please use the Ask A Question form below.

Shows start at 6pm UK time.  You can find out when the next live show is scheduled by looking at Michelle’s YouTube, Twitch or Twitter pages, links below.

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Use this form to say something to Michelle or to ask her a question.  You can also send her a video link, or upload artwork.  All questions will be featured on the next monthly Michelle LIVE show streamed on YouTube and – so make sure you subscribe to Michelle’s YouTube channel so you don’t miss a show!

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Michelle LIVE - Writing About Ghosts - August 2017

Bags of questions from readers about the date of the Stone Age, trans folk in ancient cultures and the identity of Tall Tailess… plus a fabulous new contest to remix Michelle’s prank THINK AIR video!

Michelle LIVE - Writing About Animals - July 2017

Michelle’s Facebook Live event for July 2017 – send in your questions, comments, artwork and videos for the next one using the form on this page.

Michelle LIVE - June 2017

Michelle’s live event for June 2017… topics include will there be any more books featuring Torak, Renn, Fin-Keddin, Wolf and everyone else? What happened to Ohlsen, the radio operator at the meteorological station on Bear Island in Dark Matter? And tons more!

Michelle LIVE! Latest Q&A

Michelle LIVE! Answers to all your questions...

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